X20 CP 1484

Lütfen Stok ve Fiyat Sorunuz
  • Intel Celeron 266 Performance with additional I/O processor
  • Ethernet, POWERLINK and USB onboard
  • 1 slot for modular interface expansion
  • CompactFlash as removable application memory
  • Fan-free
  • Extremely compact

The X20CP1484-1 is the smallest Celeron based CPU for the X20 System. However, its shortest cycle time of 800 µs still shows its power. The basic features are the same as those of the larger types.

This CPU module has Ethernet and USB onboard, and also provides a POWERLINK connection for real-time communication. The only differences between the X20CP1484-1 and the X20CP3484-1 are that the former has just one slot for interface modules and a smaller width.

The CPU models X20CP1484 and X20CP1484-1 differ only by SDRAM size.

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